This site has the intention to list all companies listed at LowEndBox / LowEndTalk that are either about to deadpool or have already deadpooled (including scams hosted by ColoCrossing).
As of April 2019, it is pretty safe to say that all hosts listed at LowEndBox are a scam at best (except for QuadraNet and Virmach).

Therefore, it is recommended to NOT buy any service advertised on LowEndBox anymore.

To contribute to this list, please shoot an email to mail "(at)" lowenddeadpool (.) info.

Scam hosts

These are hosts, usually hosted from a ColoCrossing datacenter, that are providing services at a simply too good to be true rate, or are otherwise known to scam people. They are expected to deadpool soon and are extremely suspicious at the very minimum. Best avoided. Performance is horrible.

Hosts that raise concerns

These are hosts that are not yet publicly known to scame people, but have characteristics close to the ones that are (e.g. created by the same owners). Use with extreme caution

Deadpooled hosts

These are hosts that have already deadpooled